When I see you
Do you know that feeling,
When you turn a corner,
And the sun is setting in the west?
And all is edged with the strong but fading light?

How your breath catches,
How the tingle in your spine
brings a tear and leaves you
at a loss for words?

Do you remember when
You had those feelings?
I still have them when I see you.

When I see you, it's as if the Winter falls away
As if Spring has returned and breathed new life
Into everything that lives,
And warmth and joy and light and sweet
In every rock, in each branch of every tree,
In once frozen brooks, that now flow free
In the birds that wheel overhead
Thanking God for their new life, their new Spring joy

Do you remember that feeling
When you open the window,
And the sun is rising in the East?
And the cool morning breeze
Caresses your cheek?